. 9 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Zoomee Pump

Make sure your pump is setup and configured properly in order to achieve optimal results. Check these items to ensure a successful experience:

Dress professionally when working from home. While you might feel more at ease wearing sweatpants or flip flops while working from home, those on the other end of your Zoomee call would prefer that you appear competent and confident.

3. Set a reminder for yourself

Reminders are triggers you set in place to remind yourself to do something, for instance putting a post-it that reads “count your calories” on the fridge may help remind you to cut back on sugary treats.

Later allows you to manage reminders by marking them complete (or snoozing), editing their due date and time, adding notes, switching assignees or deleting them altogether.

4. Set a reminder for your partner

Sometimes your bae just needs a reminder that they’re loved – this doesn’t have to be overt, simply something as simple as pausing and greeting them when they come home or checking up with them during lunch.

Make someone feel loved by showing your support for their passions and hobbies – it doesn’t have to cost much either – even something as simple as texting or giving a gift can go a long way!

5. Set a reminder for yourself

Reminders for yourself can help ensure you follow through on future-you’s intentions, be they specific events or habits you are trying to build.

Reminders saved for messages and files can be found in Later view, where you can filter, adjust their timeframes, snooze reminders, mark them complete or create Smart Lists with custom parameters.

6. Set a reminder for yourself

Reminders can serve as an aid in keeping you focused. For instance, purchasing a calendar with circled dates reminding you to renew your passport is one effective method.

Use the Reminders screen to add details about upcoming reminders, including Date and Time information as well as priority levels. Mark a reminder complete or snooze it for later.

7. Set a reminder for yourself

Reminders are the ideal way to ensure that the future you is consistent in their behavior or takes a specific action. Your reminder should relate directly to what behavior you want to produce, so choose something related or associated with what action or steps are desired.

Home View or Later View are great ways to create reminders from messages and files, or convert them into tasks. By hovering over any reminder you can mark it complete or adjust its timeframe accordingly.

8. Set a reminder for yourself

Key to building habits is placing triggers “in your path” that remind you to perform certain behaviors, for instance putting paycheck stubs by your front door could help remind you to bring them.

Reminders created in Home or Profile View will appear in your reminders list where you can mark them complete or snooze them as needed.

9. Set a reminder for yourself

Reminders help keep you on the path toward meeting your goals, and can be added by tapping the reminders icon within any app.

Tap Details to set a reminder’s date, time, location, and priority level. You can also add notes or assign tasks directly from Home or Profiles. Edit reminders by hovering over them directly within Home or Profiles.