Levi’s Red Loop Jeans For Men

Levi’s has made a concerted effort to expand into premium jeans, and its efforts are already paying dividends. Their Red Loop collection, launched two years ago, is driving sales growth for their brand.

Look out for jeans with lower case RED TAB letters; those made prior to 1971 (Big E) would likely feature chain stitch back waistband hems as indicators that they are post-1969 501 jeans.


λιβαισ jeans for men come in both relaxed fit and tapered leg styles for optimal comfort, featuring loose through the thighs and hip area for optimal relaxation while tapering from knee down to ankle for a sleek, put-together appearance. Pair these jeans with their trucker jacket and crewneck tee for an iconic Americana look!

Levi’s has made waves in India’s premium jeans market by incorporating current international fashion trends through its red loop range and the Diva range, both with distinct fashion overtures. Sales of the brand’s jeans priced above Rs 2,500 have skyrocketed since they launched two years ago – this has led to over 100% growth since then!

Check out our raw or unwashed Levi’s jeans for a trendy, rugged look that shows your true character over time. You’ll love how the denim stretches to conform perfectly to your body, creating something one-of-a-kind!


Levi’s remains at the top of its field in denim clothing by offering premium-end products with distinctive fashion features. Since their Red Loop jeans debuted two years ago, sales have seen rapid expansion.

Levi Strauss founded his company after moving to San Francisco from Germany as an immigrant from Jewish heritage in 1853 in order to open an east coast branch of his family’s clothing and dry goods business. At first his 501 jeans served as heavy-duty workwear but soon evolved into fashionable fashion items.

Levi’s began selling jeans to working people in the Western United States during World War I and profited from their dude ranch craze as sales increased significantly. Sales gained further traction during World War II when blue jeans became essential clothing for defense workers; youth subcultures like greasers and mods also showed appreciation. Levi’s expanded rapidly during this era; by 1929 it had grown into a multibillion-dollar corporation, with its stock trading on public exchange.


To extend the lifespan of your jeans, be mindful to wash them less often. Washing will expose their fibers to light and accelerate their fading over time.

When washing jeans, always use cold water – warm water will cause the fabric to shrink and its colors to fade. Avoid using the dryer; its heat destroys fibers that provide comfort for wearing your denim. Instead, hang or lay them flat to dry in an inconspicuous area.

Levi’s is targeting the premium end of India’s denim market and seeing considerable success within it, especially within its Rs 2,500 and up category with fashion overtures. Their Red Loop range has seen tremendous success since launching two years ago as part of their strategy to bring current international fashion in jeanswear to India; and this strategy can also be seen through new flagship stores opening throughout India.


Since 1853, Levi’s jeans have been worn by every type of person — from presidents and movie stars, farmers to fashion icons and entrepreneurs to everyday people alike. At AJIO, we carry iconic skinny jeans made by Levi that are tailored for men with slim fits that cling tightly around waist and hips before tapering off from knee to ankle – perfect for pairing with simple crewneck tees for an understated yet put-together look, or pair them up with rugged denim trucker jackets for ultimate all-American style.

At Red Loop we also offer relaxed fit jeans designed for comfort that feature looser leg openings for easy movement, making these the ideal option when combined with clean rolled hems for a unique look. Choose from black, stonewashed distressed and classic indigo blue hues. Taller guys may prefer our Big & Tall jeans specifically tailored for taller builds while our premium Red Loop range provides distinctive fashion overtures at Rs 2,500+ per item.