Roof Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners


For anything to last long, it needs scheduled maintenance. A roof is an integral part of a house that plays a key role in increasing or decreasing the value of your house. Therefore, you must establish a maintenance routine for your roof. Here is a mini checklist for homeowners to prevent them from bearing heavy damage costs.

Regular inspections

Plan your regular inspections with professionals so that you can have detailed reviews of how your roof is doing to avoid any problems that have a chance of worsening with time. Also, regular checkups will keep your mind at peace knowing your roof is up to the mark and not developing a problem for you.

Examine any damages

Look for any prominent damage that might be visible on the floor or the tiles. Curling or missing shingles also count as damage. Also, especially after heavy rains, moss, mold, or algae may grow which you should remove as early as possible. This is important because in some cases, moss grows so much that it becomes difficult for residents to remove it from among the tiles without damaging them.

Examine seals

Ensure that all seals on chimneys, vents, etc. are intact and not damaged or have gaps. This may look like a mere nuisance to check but in the long term, it may cause water leakage to reach the kitchen or other rooms that are connected to those vents.

Sagging points

If any sags are visible, seek help from residential roofing installation companies to make sure it does not collapse and is treated timely before becoming a big hazard.

Check gutters

Check for rust or any broken pipes that are attached to the roof for drainage. Repair them or replace them as required but make sure this is done timely to avoid water accumulation on the roof or water leakage from the pipe to other areas of the building creating another damage.

Clear debris

In green areas, roof pipes collect different dirt factors such as leaves, sand, dust, etc. Make sure the gutters and downspouts are clear and clean for water disposal so that it doesn’t accumulate on the roof.  

Attic health

Not only externally, but roofs need to be maintained internally as well. Make sure your attic has the proper ventilation mechanism. Roof repair services can be opted if any insulation problem is persisting. Proper insulation maintains temperature and prevents external weather conditions from damaging the insides.

Remove snow

In the snowy season, remove snow regularly to avoid the roof from experiencing heavy weight and the tiles from wearing out. Also, good insulation helps prevent ice dams that can also damage your roof if it happens continuously.


Roof health is critical in terms of not only the value of the house but also for maintaining a comfortable living in the place. we have provided a list for you to consider while doing a thorough checkup of the roof and we suggest scheduled checkups for the purpose, to avoid facing bigger problems in the end, resulting in heavy financial bills.