SIM Registration Failed

Smart Communications and TNT Support SIM Registration

Philippines’ top telco, Smart Communications, and its value brand TNT are providing mobile subscribers with extra protection against text scams by supporting SIM registration online in a few easy steps.

Compliance with the SIM Registration Act IRR requires all SIM end-users to register their cards. TNT and GIGIL’s amusing commercial shows what could happen if users fail to abide.

What is SIM Registration?

TNT Mobile Service in Hong Kong recently launched an entertaining viral ad that emphasizes why it is vital to register your SIM card. Their creative campaign depicts how unfamiliar numbers raise trust issues and could potentially become portals to scams, cybercrime and mobile fraud schemes.

Under Republic Act 11934 or the SIM Registration Law, all subscribers to telecommunications must register their new SIM cards upon activation and existing ones within a prescribed period, in order to promote accountability and avoid identity theft via text messages, voice calls and mobile data services. This law was intended to promote accountability while safeguarding identity theft from occurring through texts messages, voice calls or mobile data services.

The law also stipulates penalties for individuals and telcos that provide false information, falsify identity or contact details or fail to meet legal requirements. Prison time as well as fines of up to P500,000 may be levied against violators; moreover, deactivated SIM cards cannot be reactivated until registered; it is therefore advised to register your TNT SIM as soon as possible for optimal use.

How to Register

Registering your new SIM is essential in order to use it and protect your phone number from misuse, as well as enjoying TNT services to the fullest. Failing to register will result in its deactivation – so if you still haven’t done it yet, do so today!

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What Happens if I Don’t Register?

Under the SIM Registration TNT law, a deactivated prepaid SIM card won’t be able to receive calls or send text messages, nor access cellular data or online services such as social media apps, digital banking services and shopping sites that require one-time password authentication (OTP). Any remaining load balance on the prepaid SIM will also be forfeited.

In order to avoid getting disconnected, SIM card must be reactivated prior to its expiry. Reactivation involves providing valid identification documents and USSD activation codes.

SIM cards for minors must be registered under their parent or legal guardian and accompanied by valid government-issued ID bearing their photo, while tourists visiting from overseas must present a passport, proof of address in the Philippines and return ticket before entering. According to the Department of Information and Communications Technology, anyone providing false documents could face jail time of six months to two years if caught providing falsified data or documents.

Registration Deadline

According to Section 7 of RA 11934 or the SIM Registration Act IRR, end-users who fail to register their SIM cards before April 26, 2023 will have their existing mobile phones automatically deactivated; however, this deadline may be extended by DICT.

After clicking “Next,” a summary page will open so you can review and verify that all information provided was accurate and true. Please check the box to attest that SIM registration was completed personally by yourself, with true, accurate, and verifiable details.

An online video created by Smart’s TNT mobile brand and shown to its subscribers has gone viral, prompting over 14 million views on TikTok and 8 million on YouTube in only two days.

TNT offers a selection of call, text and mobile data packages designed to meet the needs of Filipino consumers. Ranging from basic combos like Gaan Text 10 up to unlimited offers such as Unlitext Extra 30, this prepaid network serves all Filipino needs and requirements.

SIM Registration TNT is necessary for an effortless mobile experience and safeguards your privacy.

What is SIM Registration?

Registration of SIMs (Subscriber Information and Management Systems) is an information security measure to protect only genuine owners of mobile numbers from using them fraudulently and is required under Philippine Telecommunications Act to safeguard customers against text scams, cybercrimes and terrorism.

Register your mobile phone number using the Smart SIM Registration website, and once completed you will receive an SMS containing a control number as proof of registration. After this step has been taken successfully, customers can enjoy uninterrupted calls, texts, and data services.

Registration not only ensures all SIM cards are registered, but it also makes it harder for criminals to commit crimes like spoofing, hijacking and identity theft. Individuals found guilty of providing false information or violating user privacy may face imprisonment of up to 2 years and/or a fine of P300,000. Registration is free for both Smart and TNT subscribers alike (even those with international roaming), yet takes approximately 30 days for completion.

How to Register

The SIM Re-registration Program mandates that users of telecom service providers register their SIM cards either physically at showrooms of service providers, or online. According to law, new SIM users must be registered by 27 December 2023 while existing prepaid subscribers have until 30 April to do so.

SIMbase dashboard makes activating a SIM easy and fast. Just go to the SIM Cards window, click ‘Register SIMs’, select either Individual or Bulk SIMs and enter serial number under ICCID for each batch SIM before clicking “Add SIMs”.

After your SIM has been registered to your account it will show the status ‘Ready’ and you are then responsible for any associated fees (basic and data usage charges) until it is terminated – for more details see Pricing & Fee Schedule documentation.

What happens if I fail to register my SIM?

If you find that SIM Registration Failed issues have surfaced, it’s advisable to conduct some initial troubleshooting steps prior to seeking professional help from service providers. Here are a few quick and simple strategies which should help quickly resolve them efficiently.

Under Republic Act 11934, your existing SIM card may be automatically deactivated if it hasn’t been registered within its deadline. Reactivation procedures can still take place up to five days after it was deactivated.

Telcos have made registration of SIMs simple with online portals dedicated to SIM registration, making the experience quick and hassle-free. Simply input your personal information and provide ID proof in order to instantly receive a SIM control number and confirmation message. SIM Registration can help combat text scams, mobile fraud and protect privacy; make sure it’s completed before its due date set by telecom providers and the government; failure to do so could result in up to two years in prison for violators.

Benefits of Registration

Sim registration has proven itself an effective tool in combatting text scams and mobile fraud, while helping authorities identify owners in case of emergencies, crimes or security threats. Furthermore, users have the ability to opt-out from personalized advertising – an added advantage for privacy advocates.

Philippine government efforts have increased to make SIM card registration simpler for all segments of society, particularly women and children. They deploy assisted SIM Registration TNT hubs and booths into remote communities to assist subscribers with registration processes.

Smart Communications, TNT and other telecom companies have extended their SIM registration offerings. Smart prepaid subscribers can register up to 20 SIMs via the GigaLife app and at Smart stores; TNT’s Doble GIGA Video+ 50 plan provides 8GB data over three days to support online communication and social media engagements.